Medical Tourism ​Platform.

Mediator platform is a marketplace of healthcare providers, offering their services to patients across the world.


MEDIATOR guides patients through the process of securing and achieving quality and affordable treatments and procedures at attractive destinations – both internationally and domestically.

Industry:  Healthcare, Tourism

Services:  Health Services



MEDIATOR acts as a conciliator between patients, doctors, tourism consultancies and aftercare providers. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for patients from all countries to choose online a hospital which offers the best medical service for them, check the cost of this service and order it at the best price. To make the most advantageous decision, a patient and his relatives can study detailed information about the hospitals’ certificates, achievements of the physician, treatment methods and costs for services.

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MEDIATOR offers a 3-sided marketplace for patients, healthcare providers and insurance agencies. For each side’s demand, we are offering a different user interface providing the necessary content supply.

Patients can search over multiple medical programs available on our platform from basic and full preventive examination (check-up) to individual diagnostics in difficult clinical cases, outpatient and inpatient treatment, rehabilitation, and SPA resort in order to receive the necessary treatment, including the innovative techniques which are not available in their native country.

Healthcare providers can list their services after our medical specialists review and connect via MEDIATOR directly with patients.

Mediator - Medical Tourism Platform
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Mediator - Medical Tourism Platform


Patients can choose between several insurance companies listed in our platform and select the coverage for their treatment at the most competitive price, getting full control of the medical services costs and domestic issues.

Travel agencies can help a patient and his accompanying person to receive a visa. Assist also in the translation of medical documents, flight and accommodation booking.


Patients, hospitals, clinics, private doctors, insurance companies, travel agencies.


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