About our company.

Konnektable combines Internet Technologies with the application of Research and Development.

Interesting Facts

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Ireland (Waterford)
Greece (Athens)
USA (Connecticut, New Jersey)

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Employees Around the World

International Business Development
Commercial Delivery
R&D Presales , R&D Delivery
Finance, Legal / IPR,
UI/UX Department
Digital Marketing
HR & Office Management

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Years of Experience

In Research and Development and Commercial Projects in various industries and sectors, e.g. Energy, Healthcare, Transportation, Emergency MGT and more.

Solutions for Businesses

Our end-to-end software development services offering is backed by our experience, standard processes, quality assurance and expertise in multiple technologies.

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What We Do?

We solve complex business challenges using creativity, thought process and technology solutions.

Konnektable Technologies

Who We Are?

We aspire to be an epicenter of innovative products and effective solutions for our clients and for society as a whole.

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Why Choose Us?

We believe in building high value, significant and long-term relationships with our clients.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.

Key Milestones

We set optimistic yet achievable goals that give us the inspiration to improve and excel in innovation, delivering maximum value to our projects and products.

  1. 009

    Starting Point

    Konnektable Technologies Ltd. was launched, focusing on the pursuit of R&D projects and Software development Services.

  2. 006


    Konnektable raised more than 8M EUR in R&D activities.

  3. 001

    Software Development

    Development of COnCEPT (Creative Industries) and COncORDE (Emergency MGT) Platforms.

  4. 002

    Software Development

    Initiated the development of iSPACE (Cognitive Disorder Industries) and Hippocrates (Drug Innovation MGT) platforms.

  5. 007

    New Products

    Extended product and service portfolio and expanded into the Healthcare vertical focusing on Pharma in the US market.

  6. 004

    Growth & Expansion

    Research and Development Implementation Creation of a Greek branch.

  7. 003

    Exponential Growth

    Konnektable raised more than 55M EUR in R&D activities. Extended commercial products and service portfolio.

  8. 008

    Commercial Scale-up

    Focusing on commercial activities in EU and US.

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    Commercial & R&D Scale-up

    R&D Scale-up, Product and custom software development services.

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    Focus on Growth & Capacity

    R&D and Commercial Scale-up, focus on Growth and capacity vs large profit margins.

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