Sustainability Policy

KONNEKT-ABLE is Committed to Promoting Sustainability


Primary Principles:

  • To make sure our staff comply with our Sustainability, Zero Waste and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policies and are engaged in implementing them and also encouraged in providing advice on any possible enhancement thereof.
  • To keep an updated Sustainability Framework which is integrated into our business decisions and practices.
  • To communicate our sustainability practices to our clients and suppliers advising them to adopt or improve their own sustainable business culture.
  • To carry out our office activities, to produce products and provide services sustainably.
  • To create healthy, cooperative, and innovative work environments through renovations and certification where applicable.
  • To observe, review and annually report on our business sustainability performance.
  • To transparently form our business operations allowing for any interested party to follow our exemplary management of sustainability practices.


Action Statement

At Konnekt-able we follow high standards to sustainably develop our working and business practices.  We are committed to improving the quality of life for all generations by maximizing social, economic and environmental value. We respect people, environments and generations so we are constantly seeking for innovative methods to minimize any negative environmental impacts from our activities. We legally and ethically carry out our operations showing concern for the people involved in the process and respect for the time invested in doing that. We are certainly doing our part in making sustainability a core mission within our company while encouraging our partners, clients and suppliers to do the same.


Environmental Impacts

At Konnekt-able we only apply environmentally friendly approaches in our daily work life, so we have created a paperless office, rarely using paper from certified forestry sources only, when absolutely needed. We purchase products deriving from recycling such as paper towels and bags and printer paper while we only use non-toxic cleaning supplies of biodegradable composition. In this spirit, our staff have been trained to avert waste of energy, food, water and other resources while it is our policy to recycle as much waste material as possible such as equipment, computers, printers, and expendables that are no longer of use to the company. Naturally, we expect our paper suppliers to certify their operations are compliant with all applicable legal frameworks and that their forest management practices, and harvesting conform to internationally recognized and certification procedures.  At Konnekt-able we keep energy usage low, using low-energy light bulbs and making sure that any equipment and the lights are shut down after work.  Environmentally-wise and to avoid wasting human work and time, we avoid physically travelling to meetings where alternatives are available, such as using teleconferencing, video conferencing or web cams, and efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips. Similarly, we support alternative working arrangements for our staff by applying home working while at the same time being our job to effectively reduce needless travelling by inventing web-based communications technologies and by providing free training webinars to those who use thοse technologies scoping to facilitate regular client contact.


Working Practices and Suppliers and Partners resource use

At Konnekt-able we provide regular training to our staff to promote sustainable development and to make their short-term and long-term business decisions considering the values ​​that flow from such development. We include a copy of our Sustainability Policy in all our proposals to clients to communicate to them that our operational structure does not compromise the sustainability choices we make. As far as our suppliers and partners are concerned, in addition to the practices we instill in them through our products and services, we also arrange meetings with them to discuss their own sustainable development policies and the measures they deploy to safeguard water and energy reserves, to increase the use of alternative energy sources and to minimize waste. We select our suppliers also by their choices to reduce their environmental impact in their daily business mechanisms while having adopted and demonstrated their recycling policies. We expect our suppliers and partners to use only legally sourced and certified raw materials in their business operations and based on our own policy, we strongly encourage reviews of their sustainability schemes and guidelines and certainly regular internal audits ensuring compliance thereof.


Employment Practices

Konnekt-able recognizes that human resources are the key factor for its operation and development. Its personnel and management staffing is carried out through the selection of reliable, capable and visionary people as an important element for the company. The hiring policy of our company is based on a modern model whose core lies in the promotion of everyone’s skills while also promoting the provision of opportunities for young people. Each person is treated and evaluated individually based on their abilities as for Konnekt-able these are the people to adopt and to highlight its vision and its core values.


Public Health

We make sure our offices are healthy workplaces by regularly observing sanitization protocols, health processes and disinfection measures as required and defined in the applicable legislation. In this way we ensure that our spaces are safe workplaces for our employees, customers and suppliers and in general for everyone that finds themselves  in these spaces to serve Konnekt-able’s daily operation.


Economic Viability

Α complete and documented audit is carried out regularly by our company in order to establish that all its operations are carried out competitively and ensuring that delivery of products and services is not jeopardized, without this endangering sustainable development as defended by our company.


All things considered, Konnekt-able aspires to raise awareness with all interested parties  that we can create and bring into people’s lives technology only as much as the planet and our social and environmental surroundings allow us to, therefore technology shall be carried out either by servicing these goods or by at least respecting them in the process.