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Frustrated with wasting money on a slow under-performing legacy IT system? We can build you a powerful system that will help your business.

Our legacy modernization service means you do not have to struggle with the daily challenges of outdated legacy systems. Konnektable will seamlessly replace or rebuild legacy systems to enable your business to continue without disruption. Automate business processes through the use of custom made software solutions resulting in improved performance and bottleneck elimination. Utilize Machine learning and AI in order to optimize business processes and enjoy increased organizational efficiency

The real cost of legacy systems

Maintenance costs for legacy infrastructure are an exponentially increasing problem. This is because, over time, every customization and change adds another layer of complexity to the system. Ultimately, updates become more time-consuming and costly.

Support costs that continue to escalate with proprietary legacy systems are a result of an inevitable lack of vendor support, which leads to increasing talent costs for external support.

Compliance costs where applicable, are a certainty where industry regulations and business laws are constantly changing. Consequently, the costs of keeping legacy technology in compliance in heavily regulated industries, as well as the risks of noncompliance, go up exponentially.

Agility costs can be seen in all the above examples, but in the digital age, the growth and the survival of every business is predicated on its ability to adapt to change. The lack of agility with legacy systems leads to an inability to be competitive, which can mean dwindling income and even the demise of the business itself.

Talent costs are an outgrowth of maintenance costs in that legacy technology not only brings exorbitant maintenance costs in man-hours, but they require skill sets that are expensive and difficult to find.

The costs of lost business opportunities: such as mobile data access to sales staff, as well as the inability to gather and act via analytics tools, among others, lead to lost business opportunities, lack of competitiveness, and a dwindling bottom line.

Integration costs make even simple integrations difficult, if not impossible, based on current and future business needs.

Our Legacy Optimization Approach

Modernization does not necessarily require a complete transformation of your IT stack. However, it does require an honest assessment of where digital transformation is needed and a shift in your mindset. There are different options for modernizing legacy systems and legacy software.


Use the features and value of existing applications, making them available as services.



Move components to a new physical or cloud infrastructure.



Leave applications nearly as they are, adapted to a new platform.



Optimize existing code on the backend without changing front end behavior or features.



Discover new and better capabilities for applications with a complete shift in code.



Build new applications from scratch but with a similar function and scope.



Take new business requirements into account and build from the ground up.

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