Our Services.

With our software development services we solve complex business challenges using creativity, thought process & technology solutions.

What we offer

Our end-to-end software development services offering is backed by our experience, standard processes, quality assurance and expertise in multiple technologies.

Industries we serve

We serve multiple industries globally. Our domain expertise is backed by our phenomenal experience of successfully conceptualizing and delivering numerous projects.


We contribute in developing an integrated toolkit covering the complete EPES value chain combining the latest technologies for vulnerability assessment, monitoring & protection, and learning & sharing.


Our web platforms encompass an extended area in the health industry, from monitoring clinical trial organisations to enhancing cyber protection of Health IT Ecosystems.

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Smart Manufacturing

We offer smart solutions that enable our clients to cut costs, improve profitability and drive increased business value.


We are analysing key factors in making transportation researchers share-reuse-reproduce science and in bringing such a critical sector closer to the society for enabling open innovation and citizen science.

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Creative industry

We create AI-driven, Innovation MGT supported collaborative design environments, to support professional product designers during the early/conceptual stages of the design process.

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We are contributing to the water sector through automated and smarter water resource management and environmental monitoring, exploiting the efficient use of physical and digital components of the water ecosystem.

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Emergency Management

We use emerging technologies for the early location of entrapped victims under collapsed structures, and advanced wearables for risk assessment and first responders safety in SAR operations.


We make emergency response during accidents more efficient by incorporating innovative technologies and real-time data, and integrating these into smart situation-awareness systems.

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We develop Hotel and Hospitality management software solutions to meet the challenges faced by the tourism industry, giving our customers the necessary levels of visibility, control and agility to respond quickly and effectively to guest requirements and ever-changing market conditions.

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Our retail IT services focus on achieving higher efficiency in business operations and enhancing the customer experience for digital sales channels by offering custom software solutions to the entire industry.

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