augMENTOR’s Innovative Workshop at the Athens Science Festival

The Athens Science Festival is known for its groundbreaking presentations and interactive workshops, and this year was no exception. augMENTOR project partners joined forces to organize an engaging event titled “Chocolate & Artificial Intelligence.” This workshop provided educators with an extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in a world where AI and chocolate collide, offering not just delectable treats but also a rich learning experience. This event delved into the vast capabilities of AI as a potent educational tool and simultaneously unraveled the intriguing challenges it brings to the forefront of modern education.

One of the key players of the augMENTOR project is Konnektable, a technical partner responsible to produce Education & Training Methodologies that take into account the changing landscape of teaching and learning, as well as the demands of contemporary organizations and communities. Konnektable will also create a Demonstration Plan & Evaluation Framework, ensuring that the project’s progress is assessed and guided effectively.

Augmentor workshop 02

Konnektable is responsible for crafting the evaluation guidelines and the corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all the individual modules of this unique project.

The workshop was more than just a gathering of educators; it was an insightful journey into the role of AI in education.

As augMENTOR and its dedicated partners continue their mission to redefine learning, we can look forward to a more technologically advanced educational landscape.

Credits: Technopolis City of Athens, George Spanos Photography.