Konnektable in Waterford Chamber Business After Hours event

On Thursday, October 7th, Dr. Angelos Liapis, CEO, Mrs. Georgia Papaioannou, Research Legal Consultant, and Ms. Heather O’Neill, Associate Research Grants Officer from Konnektable Technologies Ltd attended the Waterford Chamber Business After Hours event and met Mr. John Mc Sweeney, President Waterford Chamber of Commerce and Mr. Gerald Hurley, Chief Executive Waterford Chamber of Commerce. They took the opportunity to discuss Konnektable Technologies Ltd plans for growth and how-to long-term relationships in the Waterford business community.

Speaking on the decision, Dr. Angelos Liapis, CEO of Konnektable Technologies said: “The decision to headquarter Konnektable Technologies Ltd in Waterford was made on the basis of the excellent infrastructure, the positivity of the business community and the quality of highly educated graduates and post-graduates in Waterford.  Despite studying in the UK, my affinity is to Ireland and particularly Waterford. It’s a powerhouse of innovation, optimism and people”.

“We’ve got 42 colleagues in offices across Waterford, Athens in Greece and the USA. Right now, we have a team of four in Waterford and we are actively hiring for another seven new colleagues. Next year will see circa 30 new hires here in Waterford and that’s just the beginning of our growth story.

“We made a conscious decision to join Waterford Chamber of Commerce and are delighted with the warmth of the welcome as well as the proactive nature of the Chamber. Waterford is our global HQ and our plans for growth will ensure that we develop long term relationships in the community as well as hiring Irish graduates. More importantly we will play an active role in the community to benefit Waterford.”

Welcoming the firm to Waterford, John McSweeney, Waterford Chamber President said: “It is fantastic to see a company choosing our city as their global headquarters and be so aware of all that Waterford has to offer. Our door is always open to support the business community and we are confident Konnektable Technologies will play an active role, not just in terms of economic development and employment, but also in showcasing Waterford on the international stage.”