Successful Deployment of Use Case Scenario 7 in Madrid Marks Another Milestone for the Search and Rescue Project

The recent Use Case Scenario 7 of the Search and Rescue Project, focused on a simulated chemical substances spill at a school in Madrid, Spain, was a major success. Iosif Sklavidis and Angelica Theodorou from Konnektable Technologies Ltd. took the lead in orchestrating the scenario at both operational and technical levels.

The scenario involved the testing of various technologies, including Konnektable’s COncORDE, Data Lake, Smartwatch, and SOT DSS, along with advanced technologies from other partners. The successful deployment of these technologies in a simulated real-life scenario demonstrated their potential to be used in actual search and rescue operations.

The previous six Use Case Scenarios of the Search and Rescue Project in Italy, France, Romania, Austria, and Greece have also been successful, making this seventh scenario another milestone in the development of effective and efficient search and rescue systems.

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