COMputational and Entrepreneurship THINKing And Green Agenda Innovations


Computational thinking, problem-solving skills, as well as social, green and personal skills are becoming increasingly important. As a result, the focus in education is transitioning away from imparting knowledge and more towards enabling independent, reflective, and cooperative competence acquisition. Education in a culture of digitality ensures the participation of all learners with different prerequisites and equal opportunities.

Facing these challenges, the proposed project focuses on the development, implementation and evaluation of a cross-sectoral, standardised training and certification system based on the pillars of Computational and Entrepreneurial Thinking, as well as Sustainable Future and Green Skills. This will contribute efficiently to the achievement of future knowledge developments across Europe in vocational and higher education.

The final outcome of the project will be a micro-Certification based Education Training System called “ComeThinkAgain CETS,” offering micro-modules for both vocational and higher education at a European level. Since teachers and trainers are multipliers for current jobs in the industry and the future workforce, the main target groups of the project are teachers trained at Higher Education (HE) level at Universities of Teacher Education and Vocational Education Training (VET) trainers with focus on ICT professions as well as on certain industry sectors, such as manufacturing or production.

The learning materials produced will be published as Open Educational Resources (OER) under an open Creative Commons (CC-by) licence. The approach of providing an internationally accepted and standardised certification is inspired by the European Computer Driving Licence ECDL; (ICDL, 2022).

Evidence of the efficacy of this approach is provided by experimental pilot implementations in the project partners’ countries in the form of teacher training at higher education and vocational training institutions.


ComeThinkAgain will develop and improve the teaching of C1-C3 so that learners across Europe can have an increased chance at progression in employment, learn important CT skills or establishing their enterprise. To address this challenge, ComeThinkAgain will pursue the following specific objectives:

  • Raising awareness and understanding of educational needs and best practices related to the teaching of CT, Entrepreneurship and Green competencies and skills
  • Developing a high-quality educational curriculum for teachers at HE and VET trainers by combining different methods of education
  • Test and validate with teachers at HE and VET trainers across Europe the MOOC and blended learning course
  • Development of the ComeThinkAgain-CETS providing a number of blended courses based on OERs and training material developed during the project and also digitally-signed credentials as proof of learning outcomes


  • Contribution to standards
  • Contribution to new perspectives and tools for CT, Entrepreneurship and Green skills
  • Contribution to promote diversity and a participatory culture
  • Outreach at local, national and European level

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Start date: 01-04-2024

End date: 31-03-2027

Programme: ERASMUS+

Eu Contribution: 1.199.996,00 €

Key Action: Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices

Action Type: Alliances for Education and Enterprises