A-AAGORA Project Consortium Meeting in Cork, Ireland

Last week, Konnektable Technologies had the honor of taking part in the Consortium meeting of the A-AAGORA project in the picturesque city of Cork, Ireland. The plenary meeting unfolded in the Cork County Hall, providing a platform to reflect on the project’s progress after 10 months, celebrate achievements, and chart a path forward.

One of the highlights of our time in Cork was a field trip that took us to Harper’s Island, Youghal, and the surrounding areas. This excursion was a testament to the commitment of local communities to biodiversity, marine ecosystems and environmental conservation. We marveled at the stunning landscapes and the dedication of those working tirelessly to protect them.

During our field trip, the importance of involving local communities in safeguarding biodiversity became strikingly clear. We interacted with numerous volunteers who exemplified unwavering dedication to this cause. Their stories and experiences served as a reminder that preserving our planet’s natural treasures is a collective responsibility.


Our participation in the A-AAGORA Project Consortium meeting in Cork was a great experience that reinforced our commitment to environmental conservation.