Ways to Increase Employee Creative Output by Defining a Better Work-Life Balance in Your Organization

While traditional corporations are transitioning to a more human centric management, the agility of small and medium-sized businesses is an advantage in this transformation. If you are a business owner who wants to stand out from the competition, human centricity is one of the ways to take your business to the next level. The key to succeeding in this new management paradigm will be about attracting and retaining top talent, and creating a culture that fosters collaboration and innovation.

Every year, businesses spend millions of Euros on productivity software and methodologies. But it’s not the software that helps you increase your productivity. It’s the way that you interact with your employees that makes a difference.

Employees now have many more options than they did just a few years ago. Many companies are failing to attract and retain the talent they want, and they’re struggling with how to create a work culture that fosters collaboration and innovation to stay relevant in this new management paradigm. The solution is simple: adapt your company’s culture to become one of open communication. This will help you attract and retain top talent, foster collaboration, and innovation, and create a workplace that supports employees as much as possible on their professional journey. At the same time, it will also allow you to create a great workplace for your customers and clients.

The best way, in my opinion is to create an atmosphere that rewards creative thinking and creativity; develop effective work practices with employees using tools like feedback loops, performance reviews or employee management processes (which will promote workplace learning); encourage teams for collaboration across departments when necessary; acknowledge and facilitate what’s happening within the organization at all times.

At Konnektable we believe that “To grow as a company through our products and services and deliver quality, we need to nurture the areas where the right people are collaborating better.”

Author: Dr. Angelos Liapis (PostDoc, PhD, MSc, MRes), CEO Konnektable Technologies Ltd