Blueprint for Atlantic-Arctic Agora on cross-sectoral cooperation for restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems and increased climate resilience through transformative innovation.

A-AAgora aims to:

  • demonstrate via technological, social, logistic, and economic innovation actions the reduction of pressures in coastal areas, through the application of ecosystem-based management (EBM)3 and nature-based solutions (NbS)4 to boost resilience to climate change and mitigating its impacts.
  • to enable this lighthouse, framed in three coastal areas covering the Atlantic-Arctic region, to further move from piloting to the demonstration phase by providing innovative solutions to the market (technology readiness level; TRL7)) and by fostering deliberative democracy (societal readiness level5; SRL7).
  • to co-develop blueprints with a systemic approach for the restoration, protection and, preservation of our ocean, seas and, waters. This will include quantified and measurable targets for protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity, for zero pollution, and for decarbonization of net greenhouse gas emissions reduction towards climate neutrality.

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