Augmented Intelligence for Pedagogically Sustained Training and Education.


AUGMENTOR aims to develop a novel pedagogical framework that promotes both basic skills and 21st century competencies by integrating emerging technologies.

This framework will be supported by an open access AI-boosted toolkit that builds on the strengths of big data and learning analytics to provide different types of stakeholders with explainable recommendations for smart search and identification of educational resources, as well as for designing personalized learning profiles that take into account individual actors’ characteristics, needs, and preferences.

The overall approach foreseen is innovative, based on appropriately structured data that capture the stakeholders’ learning paths, promote informed and well-justified interaction, and advance critical thinking.

AUGMENTOR will leverage advancements in the fields of Pedagogical Design, Creative Pedagogy, Explainable Artificial Intelligence, and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for instructional purposes. We will meaningfully integrate pedagogical approaches with AI-based software solutions to enable a rich collaboration among all chain’s actors from students to teachers and policy makers.

Our goal is to provide guidelines to stakeholders on how to address potential underlying educational difficulties and disabilities, shape individual learning paths, or identify cases of gifted and talented students, to enable them to reach their full potential.

AUGMENTOR will enhance trust and transparency, and trigger constructive reflection in both tutoring and pedagogical policy making. The project keeps a strategic balance between the pedagogical and technological dimensions of teaching and learning. At the same time, it contributes equally to the concepts of individual and organizational learning, considering them as interdependent processes. The foreseen solution will be thoroughly deployed and validated in a series of real pilots representing diverse educational and training settings to define best practices.

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