Higher Education Classroom Of the Future


Implemented by a mixed partnership of organisations from academic and economic sectors, the main goal of the Higher Education Classroom Of the Future (HECOF) initiative is to create systemic change in higher education teaching practice and national reforms in education by developing and testing an innovative personalised, adaptive way of teaching that exploit the digital data from students’ learning activity in immersive environments and use computational analysis techniques from data science and AI.


  • To design and develop instructional content and personalized adaptive learning system in immersive learning environments with a conceptual focus on "Chemical Engineering" academic discipline
  • To engage teaching staff and students in shaping and co-designing the learning system
  • To foster the development and uptake of safe and lawful AI that respects fundamental rights by providing insights on ethical and legal issues around the design and ethical educational deployment of AI-based technologies for teaching and learning
  • To pilot and assess the performance of the HECOF prototype system at the EU level, in a real classroom setting in two pilot studies, in terms of (i) effective and adequate learning experience (completeness), (ii) perceived benefits compared to traditional pedagogical model (quality), and (iii) user experience (acceptance)
  • To create awareness and understanding of the benefits and challenges of leveraging VR with AI for VR-immersive and AI-adaptive learning in higher education sector with a view to kick-starting sustainable and systemic impact
  • To drive the policy agenda by formulating recommendations on the role and use of AI for personalised, adaptive learning in higher education sector and by wide dissemination of the HECOF work at EU and national political level.

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Type of Action: ERASMUS-LS

Acronym: HECOF

Number: 101086100

Duration: 30 months