​KYKLOS 4.0 (H2020)

Digitising and transforming European industry and services: digital innovation hubs and platforms

KYKLOS 4.0 aims at providing an Ecosystem which creates and supports the configurations, methodologies, production techniques, decisions and actions at all different levels and stages of the equipment manufacturing value chain so as to achieve the goals of:
  • increased energy efficiency
  • decrease of raw material through to the second use of parts or material (including waste from manufacturing process)
  • customer centricity
  • on-demand manufacturing and best meet the Industry 4.0 objectives of operational excellence, where mass customization and personalization have become the norm, while increase efficiency, reduce waste, boost competitiveness and lower costs for European manufacturers, particularly for the SMEs

KYKLOS 4.0 will deliver an advanced configuration variants’ framework and state-of-the-art production paradigm, embedding key technologies into a unified platform ecosystem to manage live product innovation, via building and shipping “configuration to specification”, through the seamless adaptation on new customer requirements. This involves a set of intelligent tools for real-time analytics and prediction, and recommender systems, further integrated into KYKLOS 4.0 configuration environment.

KYKLOS 4.0 Customized Open Production system framework includes a set of production-service simulation models ​considering the:

  • product specifications
  • product design & materials, suppliers, manufacturing strategy (produce to order or make to stock)
  • product usage (profiles of customers)
  • product servitisation (type of maintenance services proposed), and eventually
  • product recycling/reuse

In relation to the range of circular and flexible manufacturing aspects the KYKLOS 4.0 Ecosystem will provide a set of self-organizing, data driven modules (able to work independently) which will trigger dynamic interaction between them, and a smart orchestrator which will provide the ability to: 

  • exchange customized product information between involved actors (and their KYKLOS 4.0 modules) in the product life cycle, from manufacturers of basic equipment components to retailers and vendors up to the final customers via KYKLOS 4.0 Symbiosis Environment a Decentralised B2B Marketplace
  • dynamically handle any necessary production line changes (needs for energy and raw materials, fast reconfiguration and re-use) given a superior proficiency to tackle the varieties of personalized products and the corresponding flexible manufacturing processes
  • deal with personalized product design issues (e.g. assembly or disassembly, re-configuration, update or reuse, new materials, number of parts) and perform quality and economical improvements focusing on the extension of Product End of Life

Thus, it will create favourable conditions for the rapid reconfiguration of manufacturing process, in order to continuously follow Circular Manufacturing Framework and the individualised consumer/customised products demands.

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