Making Adult Education lively through Artificial Intelligence

No one is left behind in digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the nature of work: jobs will be created, others will disappear, and most will be transformed. Modernisation of education, at all levels, should be a priority for governments. All Europeans should have every opportunity to acquire the skills they need. Talent should be nurtured, gender balance and diversity encouraged” while at the same time ensuring a high level of data protection, digital rights, and ethic.


  • To enhance institutional commitment to the implementation of the EU guidelines on ethics in artificial intelligence
  • To create Open Educational Resources (OER) that will provide and validate competencies in the field of data and AI
  • To promote ethical data use in the field of education on all levels


  • Increasing usage of AI in adult teaching and learning in the project countries.
  • Increasing the competences in the field of AI and data ethics in the process of education for educators and learners
  • Successful project implementation at EU level in line with the EU AI initiative and in particular the EU guidelines on ethics in artificial intelligence
  • Creating 7 new projects in the field of AI
  • Creating digital OERs

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Start date: 01-11-2022

End date: 31-10-2024

Project Reference: KA220-ADU

Eu Grant: 250.000 €

Action: Cooperation partnerships in adult education


Digital skills and competences

Digital safety