Resistant (UCPM)

Training and Knowledge Sharing Platform For First Responders and Educational Tools for students’ and citizens’ awareness and preparedness against Natural and Manmade Disasters and Risks

The risk landscape for Europe and its neighbours has been subject to significant changes over the recent years. Europe and its neighbours face a wide range of disaster risks, many of which become progressively more prevalent and urgent to tackle. The majority of disaster risks are cross-border that threaten entire regions and can affect multiple countries simultaneously. Professional knowledge and skills are needed by first and second responders to tackle situations involving crisis management systems and infrastructure. This is essential to inform their participation in the initial permitting process, improving resilience and preparedness through enhanced emergency planning, and ensuring appropriate accident management and recovery.

RESISTANT aims to significantly evolve the foundations of training of first responders. The aim is to build the first European Crisis Training Platform to train first responders through threefold comprehensive training such as:

  • The educational training with the state-of-the-art knowledge in safety, including tools for characterization of hazards and associated risks.
  • The operational training on mock-up real scale transport
  • The innovative virtual reality training reproducing the entire accident scenarios, intervention strategies and tactics, including the whole chain of command and communications between all members of the first responders’ team, facility managers, and public (e.g., volunteer fire fighters, school children, citizens with disabilities).

RESISTANT will also put in place a virtual ‘agora’ for first and second responders, academia, market practitioners, volunteers and other civil protection stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange best practices, especially in cross-border crisis management. The ‘agora’ will facilitate discussion and contribute towards the development of a common prevention and protection culture.

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Call: UCPM-2020-KN-AG
Type of Action: UCPM-INT-AG
Current Phase: Grant Management
Number: 101017819
Duration: 18 months
GA based on the: UCPM MGA — Multi – 4.null
Start Date: 01 Jan 2021
Estimated Project Cost: €299,058.58
Requested EU Contribution: €254,199.81

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