Manufacturing Management System.

mTune is a software that allows businesses and professionals to automate and optimise their manufacturing workflows.


mTune is a software that allows businesses and professionals to automate and optimise their manufacturing workflows.

Industry:  Manufacturing

Services: Business Optimisation

mTune - Manufacturing management system
mTune - Manufacturing Management System


  • Managing Complex Manufacturing Tasks
  • Syncing Inventory & Manufacturing
  • Optimises quality control and customer service


Scheduling and Planning
  • Dynamic Scheduling
  • Optimised Manufacturing Planning
  • Project management
Shop floor quality control for workshop users
  • Create, set-up and remove shop floor operators effortlessly
  • Tasks received in app according to product operations for incoming Manufacturing Orders (MO)
  • Easily re-assign tasks to operators whenever you need
  • View MO task and ingredient list for each task in shop floor app
  • Start, pause and resume tasks as a shop floor operator direct from the app
  • Manufacturing time tracking to evaluate time spent on tasks
  • Add notes to MOs to be displayed for related tasks in the shop floor app
Production planning
  • Drag-and-drop priorities for manufacturing tasks
  • Track the availability of required materials
  • Identify delay risks related to material supply lead times
  • Accurate expected completion dates
  • Get real-time production status overview info from the floor-level
Sales order fulfillment
  • Track the availability of required products
  • Drag-and-drop priorities of customer orders
  • Make to order or fulfill from available product stock
  • Identify delivery delay risks and reprioritize to meet deadlines
  • Sync sales orders from multiple channels into a single dashboard


Smart Priority-Based Production Planning: Get real-time updates on inventory movement. Set reorder points, to ensure stock for high demand periods. Drag and drop to prioritize orders and let SMOS reallocate materials and finished goods accordingly.

Manufacturing Floor-Level Control: Get a simplified but complete overview of the status of your manufacturing operations so you can easily manage your resources, set tasks for team members, and monitor the progress of projects. Track time spent on tasks with built-in manufacturing time tracking.



  • Printing and labelling
  • Packaging
  • Any other industry dealing with complex manufacturing processes requiring dynamic management and state of the art manufacturing planning

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