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Triagenius is a streamlined Triage Software for Swift and Accurate Healthcare Assessment by Experts.


Triagenius is the cutting-edge mobile application transforming patient assessment for healthcare professionals, doctors, and nurses. Our seamlessly designed app revolutionizes the medical triage process by streamlining symptom evaluation and identifying emergency levels swiftly and accurately. With tailored features and seamless integration with medical databases, Triagenius ensures precise and efficient diagnoses, empowering healthcare providers to deliver swift and accurate care.

Industry: Private Practices, Clinics & Hospitals

Services:  Healthcare, Triage

triagenius app
Triagenius App


User Authentication & Profile Management

Medical professionals login, accessing their profiles to ensure data security and personalized functionalities.

Patient Registration

The mobile app allows for patient registration, gathering essential information such as demographics, medical history, and current symptoms.

Vital Signs Data Entry

Enables the input of vital signs and additional patient data for an accurate assessment.

Symptom Checker

Users input patient symptoms using a structured interface or questionnaire designed to assess and categorize the severity of symptoms.

Assessment tools

ABC (Airway-Breathing-Circulation), Revised Trauma Score (RTS), and the Glasgow Coma Scale, empower healthcare professionals to swiftly prioritize and evaluate patients’ vital functions, trauma severity, and consciousness levels for precise and efficient triage within Triagenius.

Emergency Level Assignment

Based on the symptoms provided, Triagenius assigns an emergency level or priority, guiding healthcare professionals in prioritizing cases.

Optimized Ambulance Integration

The integration of ambulances with on-call hospitals and medical centers is streamlined through GPS, which suggests optimal routes for contacting the nearest facility. Additionally, real-time incident data is seamlessly connected and updated in the management software, fostering continuous monitoring and information sharing among involved agencies for coordinated care.

This connectivity extends to hospital staff, ensuring they are informed and connected, thereby enhancing the effective management of medical resources and procedures. This advanced technological solution promotes seamless coordination among doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, elevating the overall quality of care. Simultaneously, it prepares hospitals to receive patients efficiently, optimizing resource utilization and medical procedures.

Multimedia Attachments

Allows for attaching images, videos, or additional documents to complement the symptom description, aiding in clearer communication.

Offline Capability

Provides functionality even in offline settings, ensuring continuous access to critical features during emergencies or in areas with poor connectivity.

Feedback & Reporting

Triagenius keeps a chronological record of patient symptom assessments, diagnoses, and referrals, aiding in seamless care.

Integration with Emergency Services

Offers seamless integration with emergency services for swift referrals or immediate assistance when necessary.

Integration with medical databases

Seamless integration with medical databases ensures access to up-to-date information, enhancing the quality of decision-making.

QR Code Integration

Generates QR codes containing relevant patient data for easy sharing among healthcare providers or during emergency situations.

Multilingual Interface

Triagenius interface, menus, and content are integrated in various languages, allowing users to navigate and interact comfortably in their preferred language.

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  • Efficiency: Streamlines patient assessment, enabling quicker and more accurate identification of critical cases, optimizing time and resources.
  • Improved Decision-Making: Structured symptom evaluation and integration with medical databases provide detailed patient information, facilitating precise diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Time Optimization: Allows for faster responses to urgent cases, enabling timely interventions and reducing waiting times for patients in critical conditions.
  • Remote Accessibility: Offers offline capabilities, ensuring continued functionality even in areas with limited connectivity, essential during emergencies or in remote locations.
  • Accuracy: The structured approach of Triagenius aids in precise symptom evaluation and helps in assigning appropriate emergency levels, leading to more accurate diagnosis.
  • Workflow Optimization: Integrates seamlessly into existing systems, reducing administrative burdens and improving the overall efficiency of healthcare delivery.
  • Enhanced Communication: Features like multimedia attachments and telehealth integration facilitate clearer communication between healthcare professionals.

Modern technologies have transformed communication with the nearest on-call hospital, introducing new dimensions to the process. The inclusion of GPS for suggested routes plays a pivotal role in ensuring immediate access to medical care. This not only expedites the patient transfer but also mitigates potential logistical challenges, providing an effective response to emergency situations.

Furthermore, the integration of management software that connects and updates in real time introduces novel perspectives. This capability facilitates instant communication and collaboration among hospital staff, fostering a coordinated approach involving doctors, nurses, and other caregivers. The incorporation of this technological solution streamlines the preparation for patient reception. Staff can access comprehensive case information in real time, enabling efficient resource management and the seamless execution of medical procedures.

Overall, this integrated approach enhances the hospital’s responsiveness to crisis situations, ensuring optimal patient care.


Private Practices, Clinics and Hospitals

Training & Support

We specialize in Triagenius app training and support, dedicated to optimizing your team's effectiveness in using this robust tool. Our comprehensive training covers everything from basic sessions to advanced features and updates, ensuring smooth incorporation into your day-to-day workflow.

  • Dedicated Support & Guidance
  • Customized Implementation Strategies
  • Continuous Updates & Upgrades
  • Maximize Efficiency, Enhance Patient Care

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