Security information & event management platform.

CERBERUS provides a host-based security monitoring service, which can be centralized with any cross-platform architecture


Security information and event management (SIEM) is an approach to security management that combines SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system.

CERBERUS provides a host-based security monitoring service, which can be centralized with any cross-platform architecture. CERBERUS collects and monitors the data from Anomaly Detection tools, Vulnerability Assessment tools, DDos Mitigation tools and can be also linked to dedicated forensic services. The platform features state of the art Kibana supported visualisation services.

Industry: Emergency & Crisis MGT

Services:  Security Information


  • Cyber threats are a major danger to critical infrastructures and to national security.
  • Currently, experts realize that the critical infrastructure can be also attacked via the application layer of computer networks
  • To efficiently protect such critical systems, the huge amount of data has to be efficiently analysed and correlated
  • CERBERUS provides a host-based security monitoring service, which can be centralized with any cross-platform architecture


Event Logging and Data Management
  • IT administrators can generate security reports at any given time using the real-time log analysis services
  • CERBERUS aggregates logs from heterogeneous sources (Windows Systems, Unix/Linux systems, applications, databases, routers, switches, etc.) at a central location
  • CERBERUS supports universal log collection through its UniversalLog Parsing and Indexing (ULPI) technology, which enables users to decipher any log data, regardless of its source and format
Secure Authorization
  • CERBERUS SIEM monitors all users in real time and provides exhaustive reports with a complete audit trail of all user activities
  • It generates privileged user monitoring and auditing (PUMA) reports by tracking the activity of privileged users
  • With CERBERUS, administrators can gain better insights into security threats and meet regulatory compliance requirements by monitoring and analyzing log data from the network infrastructure
  • Security professionals can generate pre-defined/canned compliance reports such as PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, etc. within minutes
  • The EventLog Analyzer SIEM allows users to customize the existing out-of-the-box compliance reports to meet their specific internal audit requirements
  • IT administrators are able to generate new compliance reports to comply with the new regulatory acts, which may demand compliance in the future
  • CERBERUS makes forensic investigation very easy with its powerful log search functionality and instantly generates forensic reports based on the search results.
Log Retention
  • CERBERUS retains all log data generated by network systems, devices, and applications in a centralized repository for any period of time
  • IT administrators can use the archived log data to meet compliance requirements, to conduct log forensic investigation, and during internal audits
  • CERBERUS encrypts the log archive files to ensure that the log data is secured for future forensic analysis and compliance/internal audits
Alerting & Event correlation
  • CERBERUS SIEM allows administrators to configure and set real-time alerts from a huge list of out-of-the-box alerts
  • It also has the flexibility to customize and configure alerts based on threshold conditions, event IDs, log message, etc.
  • IT administrators are notified in real time via email and SMS when any anomalous activity or threshold violations happen on the network
  • CERBERUS dashboard is very intuitive and 100% customizable with the drag-and-drop capability
  • The dashboard supports widgets that allow IT administrators to keep only relevant IT security information on their dashboard and not be confined to prefixed graphs and charts that may even be irrelevant to them
  • The security data is presented in easy-to-understand graphs and charts, wherein the IT administrator can also drill down the data shown and run a root cause analysis within minutes
  • CERBERUS includes several out-of-the-box security reports for your network systems, devices, and applications
  • These out-of-the-box reports present details of the top events generated, event trends, user activity, regulatory compliance, historical trend, and more
  • CERBERUS provides a custom report building feature that allows IT administrators generate reports to meet their security requirements. The reports generated by CERBERUS are accurate, precise, and user-friendly, which can be easily interpreted even by a non-technical person
CERBERUS - Security Information Event Management Platform


Rapid ROI:

​CERBERUS makes effective use of the log data and automates the entire process of log management (collection, analyzing, alerting, reporting, and more), enabling your IT administrators to provide top-notch IT security in a short span of time.

Cost Saving:

Rather than using multiple point products to meet the IT security needs of the enterprise, SIEM solutions unite all critical IT security capabilities such as compliance reporting, file integrity monitoring, user monitoring, device monitoring, etc. Enterprises using SIEM solutions save huge amounts of money, which otherwise would have been spent in purchasing multiple security tools. Also, the maintenance cost associated with multiple log management and analysis point products is totally eradicated by having a single SIEM tool.

Scheduling and Planning

Without real-time monitoring, it’s impossible for IT administrators to determine what exactly is happening on their network. SIEM solutions facilitate real-time monitoring and provide powerful insights and network security intelligence into user behaviors, network anomalies, system downtime, policy violations, internal threats, regulatory compliance, etc.


Generating multiple security reports can be tedious without a centralized reporting tool. SIEM solutions have the capability to store log data from network systems, devices, and applications at a central place, enabling IT administrators to generate various security reports with a click.

Stay Compliant:

SIEM solutions help enterprises meet regulatory compliance requirements by monitoring and analyzing log data from their IT infrastructure in real time. SIEM solutions provide enterprises with out-of-the-box IT compliance reports such as PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001, etc., allowing IT administrators to be ready with the relevant security reports to be produced to the auditor during the compliance audit.


  • CERBERUS can be used by network administrators and InfoSec specialists who are in charge of monitoring and responding to security threats their organization faces
  • Any Company which is concerned with Security should use CERBERUS SIEM for Monitoring, Alerting, Correlating logs for security incidents, Reporting from logs of various devices
  • Enterprise users of CERBERUS SIEM include government departments, banks, and other large organisations

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